Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum is wide range category of brain developmental disorder.  In 1997, Daniel Rosenn, M.D created a diagram to differentiate level of severity and presentation.

People who had an autism spectrum, they shared the autism spectrum symptoms but with a different range from mild to severe. To know the range of autism spectrum, you can seek for an autism spectrum specialist to run a test. People who have autism spectrum will affect their social communication, social interaction and behavior.


Symptoms of Autism Spectrum
  • Did not respond when people calling their name
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Cannot understand what other people talking
  • Often doing unexpected movements
  • Delay speech development
  • Repeat doing the same things
Types of treatment for autism spectrum

Neuron Acupuncture Treatment and Neuro Brain Powder

Acupuncture insert tiny needle into acupoint (meridian) of body. WHO found 400 acupoint in 20 meridians. Meridian is the path which let the energy (Qi) flow inside the body. The Qi divided into Yin and Yang, when the Yin and Yang are not balance, people will get sick.

Chinese Master believes an autism spectrum people are causes by the Qi imbalance in neuron. Chinese Master has to do an acupuncture treatment for the autism spectrum disorder patient. Chinese Master used acupuncture treatment to activate the brain cells and connect it to each other. Few of the tiny needles will be inserting on the head area during the treatment.

Other than acupuncture, Chinese Master also provides special brain powder for the patients. The special brain powder is mixed with few Chinese herbal medicines. The herbal formula is specially mixed by the Chinese Master.


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